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Abortion Vigil, 1989

You Do Have A Choice

To the mothers who are considering an abortion

We are here, outside this abortion clinic, to acknowledge your freedom to choose and ask you to choose what is right.

The life within your womb is human life.  This is how we all began, developing slowly and hidden within the warmth and protection of the womb.  If this life is not interfered with, a human person, which all would recognize, will be born.  We are opposed to abortion because it attacks this pre-natal human being and because it attacks you, the mother.  Through abortion, this pre-natal human being is killed.  Such an action would not be allowed after birth.  You know that the life within you is a developing human being; how does one decide when to terminate his or her existence?  If you would not do so after birth why do so now?

Abortion is an attack on you as a woman and a mother.  There is no greater power you have than to play a crucial role in giving life and birth.  Nothing is of greater significance.  To submit to an abortion would be to throw this gift away; it would be to say that what you are helping to create is disposable.  But, of course, that is not the case.  You are worthy to bring life into this world.  It is cruel lie what has convinced you to seriously consider an abortion.  Whatever difficulties you face as a result of bringing life to birth you do not have to face them alone.  There are other options, which will protect the life of your child and your dignity as a woman and mother.  The emotional scar of an abortion will remain and hurt much longer than any problems you face now.

To the health workers:

Are you not called by your profession to protect, nurture and heal?  To attack the life within the womb you, perhaps more than the mother, know what you are doing.  Do you fully inform the ‘patient’ of what you are doing in terms of: the development of the unborn child, the reaction of the unborn child during the ‘operation’, or the operating procedure?  Do you describe the developing child accurately, or do you hide the nature of this human life by misnaming this life ‘pre-embryonic development’, or ‘products of conception’, etc.? For the medical profession to be involved in the way it is, demonstrates (again) that there is no necessary connection between one’s training/profession and morality.  A comparable situation existed in Nazi Germany, and exists today with much of the scientific profession making possible the end of all life on earth through the use of nuclear and chemical weapons.

To all:

It is a poor society that induces mothers to kill their unborn children.  We are all the poorer for it.  The loss of three million children since 1967 is an unimaginable loss to the lives of everyone.  The values and pressures, which bring women to the point of accepting the killing of their own flesh and blood is a crime against them and dignity of all women and men.  

We believe that God also is pro-choice.  He gives us free will to choose, even to choose to send ourselves to hell.

A choice is before us all, and we plead that you choose what is right: Choose Life!


[The basics of this leaflet was first distributed outside the abortion clinic on Brixton Hill in Brixton, London in 1989 by Catholic Peace Action.  CPA, through nonviolent action and civil disobedience has worked outside the Ministry of Defence against the nuclear war preparations of the UK.