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28 February 2023

In our traditional non-violent way, Catholic Peace Action returned to mark the MoD and call the Nation to forsake the use of nuclear weapons.

Ray Towey marked the Building but was not arrested. He received a caution and warned not to return to the MoD. We wait to see if the charge of criminal damage will follow. During the witness we had a good dialogue with the Police.

We three gathered at noon in the park adjacent to the main entrance to the ministry of Defence. It was a cold day but Dan’s heartfelt prayer warmed our spirits.

‘Oh Lord, bless us this day as we prepare to resist the Nuclear War preparations undertaken by our Government. We pray for those who make these decisions and for those who work in the building. Bless us, our families and friends; our homes and country. Bless Ray as he undertakes this action of Civil Disobedience. We pray for an end to war and nuclear war preparations.’

Ray is being cautioned by a MoD police officer.